I love projects. I compartmentalise in tasks, and greater than that, I spend my time organising events because I love the spontaneity and how it’s never the same thing.

Recently, a friend of mine launched his app – Cloudline. Coded by himself.

I know.

If you’ve met me in the past year, you’ll probably know that I like entrepreneurial communities, startups, mindsets, and people. What I love most about all of it is the fact that it’s never the same, and you can find the most interesting people. Because they see the world differently, they’ll find solutions to problems you did not realise could be fixed, or even existed.

So, I joined him in helping with his design and taking some photos for his page. Take a look:

Cloudline is a phone application available on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. So how does it work?

When you’re at the club, you usually have to queue up for around 300 hours. But, if you have Cloudline, you’ll arrive first in line, every time. Instead of queuing and avoiding lines, join the line by tapping one button. Cloudline will then hold your spot until it’s first in line, at which point you walk right in, wait free.

Problem: Long lines, waiting, (and in England) it gets cold.

Solution: Don’t wait! Just go in once your phone tells you to.

Take a look at his page!

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