Well, it’s been a while, so here I am apologising to all my readers. Yep – both of you.

(Thanks mom and dad)

I’ll keep it short. I usually love traveling. I love packing stuff, I love getting on a train (or a plane!) and I love arriving in a new place. I also love the trip home, getting on (another) train (or plane!) and arriving back to familiar streets and people. But this time, I loathed it. The flight back was just pure sadness (and exhaustion, because we took an 8am train and had to wake up at 5). Pure. Sadness.

I know, for the most part, I tend to exaggerate. But this time, in all honesty, I fell in love with Switzerland. I was so lucky to explore Verbier, a small town within the 4 Vallées, and bask in the summer sun. I got to listen to magnificent music in Verbier Festival, and met some kind, happy people.

One of my favourite movies reminds us that travel and happiness are often intertwined. Being a third culture kid, moving around a lot, I have to admit that I took for granted what was around me and all the things I could’ve done or explored. Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are three massive cities with even more beauty around them, that I haven’t even fully explored. So how can someone who hasn’t even explored their own turf, fall in love with a foreign one? My point exactly.

Being in Switzerland made me feel grateful for the glorious places I did experience when I was moving around. I visited islands, cities and little towns that taught me about cultural differences, language barriers and even the things we have in common, like feelings. Most of all, it made me grateful for my parents, and what they did to get to the point where their kid (i.e. me) got to see more places than she can count all her fingers and toes.

People sometimes complain about being third culture kids, unintentionally becoming a nomad, getting lost when having to explain where they’re from, or not knowing where ‘home’ is: I admit, I’m usually one of those people. Urgh, how spoilt. But reflecting on how travelled I am and how many people and places I got to visit make me feel more and more fulfilled, and it makes me feel lucky.

So much for keeping it short.. I’m very impressed with the few of you who made it through the whole thing and up to this point.

For those of you who skipped that whole chunk of writing… Tl;dr: Girl loves traveling, feels lucky and grateful. Here are some pictures from my experience in Verbier:

For more information about Verbier Festival: https://www.verbierfestival.com/en/

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