As someone who takes photos, makes short videos and plays instruments (and, on occasion, spills paint on paper), I appreciate museums.

I grew up being aware of various cultures and because of that, I took in a lot of art. Art was inevitable for me, and I think it’s inevitable for everybody. From what I’ve gathered, art happens when you understand or appreciate something because you know what it’s purpose is. That said, not all works of art have purpose, but they do have context.

I visited the Tate Modern today and didn’t know anything about any of the artists. While I enjoyed the visual and sound medias, I couldn’t really appreciate any of it.

If anybody wants to share anything about any of the pieces of art in this post, please do. I want to know more.

Music for today:

Some background of two of the artists I later read up on:

Birgit Jürgenssen, an Austrian artist (photography, film and painting). She’s also a teacher who focused on topics like self-portraits and feminine body art. Her work comprises on feminism and culture in women’s lives.

Photographs by Yutaka Takanashi, who took pictures of his impressions of Tokyo. His work covered city life, urbanism and fashion.

The Guerilla Girls are a group of anonymous female artists. This includes writers, performers, and other professionals “who fight discrimination through humor, activism, and the arts”.

Hito Steyerl, a German visual artist, filmmaker and writer, explored technology and was the creator of the essay documentary concept. The pictures above were of her video installation How Not to Be Seen. The video illustrated the balance between “criticism and humour, showing how ‘not being seen’ has both oppressive and liberating possibilities”.

This wasn’t supposed to be an existential post, but if there’s anything you want to take away from this, I want to suggest that next time you see art or find art, look deeper into it – you might find something worth remembering.

All of these images were processed with VSCO cam

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