I constantly hear a lot happening around the world, and I admit: I’ve been quiet when I shouldn’t.

Discrimination of certain races aside, violence shown towards innocent, un-aided individuals should be discussed, because while people remain silent, people aren’t happy.

Rage fuels us; use it to stand for what you believe to be morally correct, or you will forever remain silenced.

  • Turn that rage into power; give the issues not everybody knows about more power to become part of the news, spread the awareness. While there is a fine line between feeling the fire and making people aware, do what you think is right.
  • Turn rage into niceties; do something nice for someone else! Like maybe, giving some change to someone living on the streets, giving a hug to a colleague, catching up with an old friend, not dragging someone off a plane and call it volunteering – you know, just some small suggestions.

What I learnt this week was that animals often have a blank slate compared to humans; simply beautifully co-existing in nature, and often they don’t try to stir trouble, animals just want to survive. I love animals because they can be so peaceful. The Peak Wildlife Park has the nicest and friendliest animals, they love to come up to you for food and love to just chill.

*Disclaimer: Most of the photos were not taken by me! Just edited. Do enjoy these photos of the cute animals!

To summarise:

A great proportion of nice-ness comes from great attitudes and mindsets, and being kind to others; be it animals or humans.

A massive thank you to the team at Peak Wildlife Park – I can’t recommend them enough, a kind bunch of people and a great wildlife park to visit on the weekend. The staff at the Wildlife Park are insanely nice, accommodating and friendly; plan a weekend trip to Leek and definitely go and visit!

Tl;dr – I learnt to care for animals in a few hours, can’t we learn to care for humans, too?

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