This is what I’ve observed. We act as per how we value ourselves. In trying to find a job, I found myself undervaluing and presenting myself in a more conservative, kept individual compared to the excited, keen worker I am.

“We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.”
Malcolm X

Over the past few months, valuing myself is reflected on two things: pricing and presenting myself.

  • Pricing myself

I just recently published a list of services available on my Facebook page (*hint/wink*), and found myself pricing according to my experiences. As an amateur freelancer, I did what anyone else starting in the game did: I googled. The trick here was Googling what I thought was right and then adjusting it to suit myself. Thanks to:

  • Presenting myself

Job interviews are scary. It’s all about confidence and fitting a job description – but also, going beyond the scope. How I sold myself was reflective of how I perceived myself. In the cases where I did not succeed, I was an individual with little experience and little confidence in myself. I did not get any negative feedback or big points of improvement, instead I got positive comments. Although they weren’t hugely constructive, any comment is a comment worth exploring.

Cheezy as it sounds, I found it was down to me building myself up to be who I actually am. Despite what people say, I think comparisons are occasionally healthy. They help give us benchmarks and on the other end give us targets to reach. Looking back, I should’ve compared myself now to myself before and then looked to see how I could progress further. Instead, I found myself thinking lowly of my stance in relation to the others around me, be it in the assessment centre or in the office in general.


If you do not value yourself then you are not going to reach anything close to what you dream.

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