We all think badly of Failure.

  • Failure isn’t a nice word.
  • Failure is when you don’t get what you want.
  • Failure is what you feel when you’re not good enough.

Actually… Failure is quite simply the lack of success:

I have long been an advocate for “learn as you go” and “what happened, happened”. So why do we always say we’ve failed when we have just tried and not got the expected outcome?

I’ve been rejected a few times over the last months and it, of course, felt terrible.

But I took a walk, and looking at the sky, I remember now that a tiny rejection should not sway my career and its entirety.


Refreshingly, I reminded myself that I am made up of atoms. Atoms that, combined, make an emotional being with a beating heart and working brain. I used it to climb a hill (felt like a billion miles but actually it was around 3km – side note: I need to go to the gym). Point is, small “failures” in our lives can seem so significant in the moment, as well they should be, but as my sister said: it’ll only make you that much more interesting when you become famous.

You should choose where you want to go. Don’t bring yourself down again.

Also – I highly recommend not bringing a handbag to trek. Did not make for the best choice.

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