Animal Care Lancaster is an animal rescue charity based in Lancaster, holding animals from around the NW of England. They re-home over 1000 animals every year!

These animals are saved from various places, surrendered from homes, saved from slaughter, abandoned or unwanted. Animal Care is completely self-funded, and do a lot of good work.

You can donate through Paypal, Amazon, Just Giving and many other methods through this page:

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine set up a stall for people to donate for Animal Care at the University, and raised £284 in two days! *Shout out to Daria, you amazing human*

Here are some photos of those who donated:

The thing with helping others…

Whether it’s part of our own judgements or experiences, how we treat others is a huge ode to our morality. How we behave is often up to our core values because they are, in part, a reflection of who we are. Understandably, people don’t donate to causes that aren’t what they are passionate about – some feel guilty about it, some don’t. That is the power of active choice.

I am privileged enough to be able to contribute to various organisations, and have received opinions on it. I’ve compiled a few quotes and will respond to them right here right now:

“You stress yourself out” by joining external activities – On the contrary, I feel great.

“Why do you care” – I just do, if you don’t then that’s ok too.

“You barely have time for other things” – What is “other things”? What I prioritise is up to me, I feel like there aren’t many “other things” because everything that I do equates in outcome value for me, more often than never.

Simply, if you want to help, I wouldn’t want to let these small comments hold immense responsibility for my views on helping others.

“You can always tell about somebody the way they put their hands on an animal” – Betty White

If people don’t care about the same things I do, that’s fine, but it’s the way you present your views that give power to whatever comments you receive.

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