“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

The Indian festival of colours (or love) is a religious festival that marks the beginning of Spring time. Holi is a good time for people to get together and celebrate with friends and family. Holi is a colourful festival. Here are some photographs of the Indian Society’s Holi Festival this Saturday:

In my time at University, I’ve been submerged in different cultures, meeting people from all around the world. It’s always been so interesting to see how people coexist even though they are from opposite sides of the world. A place like University is so safe and so unique because you learn about lifestyles. Studying, for me, has always been about more than school – it’s also about learning about others and “studying” with other people. Never once have I sat and contemplated what other people were doing. More recently, I’ve been made aware of the world around me, and myself. I feel that not many people put emphasis on the endless unique personal stories there are in the world. People often congratulate or envy the stories that seem to be better, according to the end result. If someone has won an award, they’ve probably made it further than you have. Unconsciously or not, it’s something that I realise exists. We put people on a pedestal according to what we want our successes to turn out to be, and the expectations we have on ourselves. Will you ever make it as far as person x has? Will you be happy with where you are in 2 years?

Besides the existential questions, I’ve vowed to myself to become more ambitious by my own standards; reaching for new achievements and trying out different things. This put me, by my expectations, further forward in my own life. From this, and from my experiences of different cultures, I say this:

Treat. Yo. Self. To some happy people and good vibes! Surround yourself with the best feelings and you will probably build off of it.

What is your mantra?

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