I’m not religious, but Christmas, for me, has always been a time to celebrate the year we’ve had, the things we’ve experienced, and the things were grateful for. Much like Thanksgiving, Christmas is also about the food, but more importantly, about the company you have.

noun: the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.
“I could do with some company”
synonyms: companionshipfriendshipfellowship, amity, camaraderie; more

I spent Christmas in Vienna with a beautiful group of people. People who shared passion for music, for good conversation and for life. When you speak to a room full of honest beings and the people who want to speak to you about what they are most passionate and curious about, it gets you inspired. More than one occasion, I had people asking me what photos I took because they “wanted to see what [I] saw”.

Be it in networking events like Startup Weekend or in joining student societies to meet like-minded people when you go to university. This year I’ve learnt more about people than I ever have in my previous years as a student working in various groups or as a person exposed to countless cultures.

Here are some shots of the beautiful city that is Vienna, with the ever-appropriate track:

A lot of the pictures are from the streets around Naschmarkt, which has been around since around the 16th century. As you can see, I was obsessed with the architecture.

Merry Christmas to all!

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